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In case of an accident, CALL 911
Gun Range Civic Address: 38063 on Road 36N

Range Rules

  • All shooters must read the range instructions

  • The warning flag must be raised prior to shooting and taken down when the members leave the range

  • When there are two or more shooters present, one person must act as range officer

  • Permitted shooting hours: Monday to Saturday 9:00am till sunset, Sunday 12:00pm till 1 hour before sunset

  • Centre fire & rim-fire (rifles and hand guns) may be used at this range

  • No shotguns are permitted to be used at this range at any time

  • No tracer or armour-piercing ammunition is permitted to be used at this range.

  • Paper targets only. Glass, plastic, metal, or any other materials are not permitted for use as targets

  • No exploding targets (i.e. Tannerite, Shockwave etc.)

  • All rifle shooting must be from the benches at a maximum distance of 100 yards from the backstop

  • All pistols / hand guns must be at a maximum distance of 25 yards from backstop.

  • The firing line is the same for both, rifles & pistols. All firing ceases before anyone enters either shooting lanes.

  • Only club members are permitted to be on the range property. Guests are not permitted.

Failure to comply with the range rules may result in the forfeiture of range membership.


Range Etiquette

  • Handguns to be brought to the firing line in a case.

  • No handling of firearms when there are people downrange or the Range is Clear command has been given.

  • Firearm unloaded, and action open. In the case of handguns, they are holstered if you are wearing such.

  • Muzzle direction downrange at all times.

  • Do not place targets over support poles.

  • If using portable target stands return them to the hangers under the bay cover.

  • Remove targets from stands when finished shooting. Clean up any debris that is downrange.

  • If long guns are not cased when you arrive at range, and if others are present, have range officer call for a “Cease-fire” and call “Range Clear” while you take up a shooting position.

  • Do not handle anyone else’s firearm without their approval.

  • If you bring along pets, keep them on leashes or under control at all times. Give careful consideration to bringing a pet to a shooting range. Remember that shooting may hurt your pet’s hearing the same way it may hurt yours. Pets that scavenge (eat things that may or may not be food) should not come to a shooting range with you. Be aware that pets unused to gunfire might panic on a range.

Range Commands

  • Cease fire – Cease firing and await further instructions

  • Unload show clear – Unload firearm, remove magazine, open action with firearm laying on its side on bench or in its case. Move away from firearm.

  • Range is clear – At this time if a new shooter is taking up a position, it is safe to do so. Or shooters can then proceed down range to check and patch or replace targets.

  • Range is active – At this time firing can commence.

By signing the membership card, you acknowledge and understand the rules and etiquette afore mentioned and will abide by them.


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