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December 2017


Greetings All

We had a great turn out at our scoring night last night. There were 55 heads brought in for scoring. It was good to see the number of youth antlers brought in. I was informed that some of the youth, (4- I think), will have their deer heads entered in the MB book. Congrats to all our winners.

We are currently selling 2018 memberships, however, the range key for 2018 will not work till we change the lock in January. The rates will stay the same as last year. Check web site for details.

From the members of the board to you and your family, have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Darren Penner


November 7 2017


MARK YOUR CALENDARS (or put it in your phones), our annual Scoring Night is coming up. This year it is on Dec 1/17 at the Steinbach Legion. Doors open at 5:30. We hope to have 2018 memberships at that time. More info to follow.

The range is in good shape and driveable. We will be keeping the range cleared again this year. Just be patient, we are usually there within a week after a major snow fall. If the range does need some attention, please contact us.

For our annual supper this winter, we are looking for entertainment, ideas or offers. Please contact us if you would like to participate or know someone who would like to.

There was a pair of sunglasses found at the range a few weeks ago. They are grey and orange with orange lenses. If they are yours you can pick them up at D&G Family Archery.

Have a great hunt this year, Be Safe

Darren Penner



September 8 2017

Greetings all

The kids are back in school, the leaves are turning color and hunting season has started.

It has been a great summer for getting out and shooting. Hope you got some range time in as well.

Just a couple of things to mention. First, when you are at the range and you drop live ammo. Please go through the extra time to look for it and donít just leave it on the ground. The last couple of times I was there I must have picked up 4-5 live rounds. They do go off when the mower hits them. We donít want any injuries.

There is a Center Fire Shoot coming up on Sept 17/17 from 1-5 pm. Contact Ewald for more info. All are welcome to participate. The range will be closed to general shooting at this time.

Have a great fall.

Darren Penner


July 11 2017


Greetings all. Hope your summer is going well. The weather is nice and not may bugs to speak of, OK I said it, NOW theyíll come out in force.


Just a few things to mention.


First, a reminder that Shotguns are NOT Allowed on the range. This is a CFO ruling not ours.


If you are wanting to shoot at 50 yards please use the west berm. DO NOT put targets up half way down the 100 yard firing line.


Please adhere to the range times. Mon Ė Sat 9AM till sunset and Sunday 12 NOON till 1 hour BEFORE sunset. Sunset times are posted in the Manitoba Hunters Guide.


There will be a pistol fun shoot on August 20/17, contact Ewald Wiens for details.


I would like to CONGRATULATE the members of our club who are competing this month in the IPSC Nationals.


We are looking for ideas for entertainment at annual supper this winter. Please e-mail us with any ideas.


Have a GREAT summer, be safe.


Darren Penner





April 2 2017


Greetings all.


It looks like spring might finally be here. I can tell by the frost boils on my yard.


We had a good turnout for the annual supper. About 65 people showed up, the food was good and the stories where entertaining. We were able to donate $720.00 to the Heartland Quilters. This is a group of ladies that makes quilts for those less fortunate.


This year we are hosting the Hunters Safety Coarse on April 22/17, at the Grunthal Fire Hall. This is for Kids 12-17 (no adults). This is paid for by SGF. Contact Doug Dosko 204-434-6227, space is limited.

We are doing our annual range clean up on May 6/17, starting at 9:30 am. We will have our AGM after the cleanup. There will 3 positions up for elections. If being on the board is something you would like to do or have any questions you can contact me at 204-346-3570.


Our 50m berm has been approved by the CFO. We will be putting up posts and a bench during the cleanup. This berm is for RIMFIRE rifles only. All handgun shooting must remain at the 25m berm. The CFO has also approved the SAFETY TABLE on the east side of the handgun firing line. This table is for working with your firearms with NO AMMUNITION ALLOWED at the table.


Have a great spring


Darren Penner



February 22 2017


Greetings all

Here is a list of up and coming events we are hosting in the next few months.

Our annual supper at the Legion Hall on March 4/17. Cost is $25.00 at the door.

There will be silent auction, rifle(s) draw, door prizes and a special draw.

The special draw is a handmade quilt made by Heartland Quilters. This is a local group of ladies that make quilts for under privileged people. They rely on 100% volunteers and donations to make these quilts. They have an order for a large quantity of quilts for a mission in Winnipeg. Letís come out and show our support for this great work.

On May 6/17 at 9am is our annual range clean up and AGM Meeting. We will be doing the range clean up first and the meeting after. We have 3 Board members up for re-election. Anyone who wants to be, (or knows someone to nominate), on the board can contact myself or Don Reimer.

On June 17/17 there will be an IPSC match at our range. The range will be closed to the members on the evening of the 16th and reopen on the 18th. Spectators must supply their own ear and eye protection. Contact Ewald for more details.

Looking forward to seeing you at the supper.

Darren Penner


February 1 2017


Greetings all,

I hope you have had a good winter so far this year. This will be a short newsletter.

We will be holding our annual supper at the Steinbach Legion Hall on March 4, 2017. Doors will open at 5:30 and supper will start at 6:30.

There will be lots of silent auction prizes as well as some larger items to be raffled off.

Tickets can be purchased at the door and are $25 again this year.

The Annual General Meeting will be happening this spring, watch for further announcements. There are 3 board members up for re-election, anyone who wants to nominate someone, send your nomination in by email to

Thatís all for now.
Darren Penner


January 2017


Happy New Year to all.

Hope everyone had a great Christmas this year.

We had a good turnout at the Scoring Night on Dec 2/16. We had about 61 heads and about 125 people show up. There was a good representation of heads.


We will be changing the gate lock early in the New Year, so donít forget to get your 2017 membership.

Memberships can be purchased from any of the board members, renewal memberships can be bought at D&G Family Archery Range. Purchases must be made with CASH OR CHEQUE ONLY.

Due to the recent snow fall, the range is a bit snowed under. We will be closing the range on Monday Jan 2/17 to clear the snow. Please be patient with us when it snows. We will get to the snow removal as soon as we can, but it may not be the day after a snowfall.

We will keep you posted when the Annual Supper will be.

Have a good winter.

Darren Penner


November 2016


Greetings all.

What beautiful weather we have been getting this weekend. Muzzle loader season is well under way and rifle season is just around the corner.

Just a few items to mention:

First, our annual scoring night is happening again this year on Dec 2/16 at The Steinbach Legion Hall.

Doors will open at 5:30.

Admission is $10 for adults and $5 for youths (17 and under). Antler entries are $5.

Bucks that are brought in must be tagged properly with 2016 license. Animals taken with a Harvester Tag will not be entered at this event.

We will accept heads from 5:30- 8:00pm.

There will be prizes and opportunities to purchase tickets for several rifles. Also, we will be giving away a Weatherby Vanguard in .300 win mag to someone who entered their antlered deer.

We will also be making a presentation to South East Helping Hands this year.

The second item is just a reminder that even though the hunting rules state that we can shoot up to Ĺ hr after sunset. The range closes at sunset. Please, no shooting after sunset on the range.

If you have any questions, please call any of the board members.

Have a great hunt. See you at scoring night.

Darren Penner


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